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To understand how SEO works, let's have a look at the process step by step: Ask for Best Quote or Mail your requirement.

» Step 1. Initial Contact
    If we want to guide your business into the right direction, understanding your business is the most significant and     foremost thing.
     * We will understand what your business is all about, what your target areas are, and what your goals are.
     * We will understand the initial structure of your business website, required content, and navigation paths.
     * We will analyze your current ranking based on search engine results.
» Step 2. Analyzing Competition
    We will explore the rankings and reach of your competitor in similar niche
    * We will try to analyze the gap between you and your competitors' ranking.
    * We will derive what strategies and technology they are using to be a market leader.
» Step 3. Setting the Standards
   If you have the right keywords, consider half your work done. Hence, preparing the list of required keywords in your    niche is the most important step. Subsequently, we will derive a strategic pathway on how to reach the SEO targets.
» Step 4. Optimization Process and Content Finalization
   After we are done with all the strategy-building work, it's now time to perform the actual optimization process.
  * Creation of appropriate website design based on dynamics and links for effective search engine indexing.
  * Creation of meta tags based on the list of keywords. This include meta title, meta description, and meta keywords.
  * Optimization of HTML code by creating a home page with keyword-driven heading and other hyperlinks.
  * Clean Up and further optimization of HTML code.
  * Finalization of content keeping in mind the list of important keywords.
» Step 5. Search Engine Submission
   The final step would involve submitting your website to major search engines like Google, MSN, Yahoo, AOL,    AltaVista, and so on. In fact, there isnít any final step of the optimization process as it requires continuous    submission, changes, and adoption of new technology. Hence, this process must be handed over to SEO experts    like ARISTOCRAT SERVICES to take care of the rankings.
   Ask for Best Quote or Mail your requirement.




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