Aristocrat Services

Knowing Requirement
The first phase of the project cycle involves laying out the clientís objectives and making an initial survey of the projectís technical requirements. This might include such things as weeding out user interface issues in the clientís existing system and automating any manual or unnecessary processes. At this point we establish a timeline for the project and determine the appropriate technologies we will employ.

Evaluating Feasibility
Once ARISTOCRAT Services has clarified requirements with respect to the clientís objectives, we work with a company representative to evaluate functional, technical, procedural and financial constraints. At the end of this phase ARISTOCRAT Services proposes a comprehensive and precise solution that fits into the clientís functional and financial needs. Upon client's approval, ARISTOCRAT Services will initiate actual proposed project development.

Analyzing Requirement
After evaluating feasibility ARISTOCRAT Services initiate analysis on each previously determined requirement. The objective of this activity is to make sure you have well formed, well written business requirements that everyone has agreed to finalize. Each and every opinion and logic is counted on this stage so that refining requirement become perfect

Model Development
As soon as all the precise requirement is finalized we start model development process. It approaches to real development allows people to work together on a project even if their individual experience levels vary greatly. It allows an enterprise to maximize effective work on a project while minimizing the overhead necessary to produce working product or service that can be validated by end users in the shortest possible time. The methodology is agile, constantly evolving to meet the needs of the business.

Algorithm Development
After Model development ARISTOCRAT Services directly goes for algorithim development of project what is one of most important task in entire process. An algorithm is a well-defined set of instructions for completing a task including project layout, interface, structure , visual appearance and the architecture of whole system. At this stage We develop appropriate algorithms within an entire process technology program to deliver a custom solution that works in your specific environment with smooth touch.

Project Manipulation
After defining the perfect algorithm project manipulation stage arrives. At this stage we communicate with client to let then know each and every step of the project with descriptive progress track record. At this stage our programmers, developers, managers, analyst and the entire team dedicated to that project work together to deliver outstanding output within the commited time.

Thorough Testing
After the successful development the testing shift of the project begins. This process includes both the client, our developer, tester and analyst to test and rectify every phase of the project in broad and critical environment so that the robustness of the new project could be on satisfactory level. As per successful testing the project becomes ready for final delivery and deployment. If system requires integration with an existing system or data migration, we will strategize the process for efficient execution and/or migration.

Deployment And Delivery
This is prelevel of final processing stage. At this stage after thorough testing ARISTOCRAT Team just deploy and deliver the entire project on live and working environment with all of it's necessary settings and infrastructure. After completing this stage user are welcomed to be involved with new system. Thereafter training phase is initiated regarding the usage of the product.

Training On Project
A proper training will be conducted to the client or company representative so that every user could be well versed with the usage of the entire project including several or multilevel user interface and administrative control panel. Apart from that general maintenance, installation and other general features would be described properly too. Future plans for next-phase development and a maintenance strategy are also decided at the end of this phase.

Product Marketing
As per client interest and activity we go directly for the product marketing at this phase. it includes both offline and online marketing activities. Online marketing consists of two distinct means of driving traffic: paid search and organic search. Both forms are highly effective, measurable, and sustainable, and pay for themselves. We develop all web-based systems to be search-friendly with regards to system architecture, however additional SEO services pertaining to actual content require comprehensive market research and thus, an SEO-specific consultation and subsequent integration

Maintenance And Support
To run each and everything smoothly without any interruption and to run the business wheel more flawlessly we provide enterprise level product maintenance and prompt support to the client. At this level dedicated team works for both presales and postsales support to the client and user.There are several methods are opened for client to avail of enterprise and professional level maintenance and support system.

Further Modification
As per as future demand and need most of the time a successful project needs to be modified, re-developed or upgraded. As a result it can move forward smoothly with all new future technology demand. ARISTOCRAT team are there always with professionalism, support and dedication to fullfill all the incoming demand with future time and technology for better feedback.